Our club has a myriad of stories that we love to share.

  • The first game Redsox played was against the Gap Giants at their home field in Ashgrove.
  • For our first few years, our Club’s home games were either played at the Cleveland Showgrounds or the Wellington Point cricket grounds
  • 1983 saw Redsox established its home at the Clem Jones Centre and become known as¬†Carina Redsox.
  • When the club arrived at the Clem Jones Centre it was with only two¬†senior teams who played in the then Metropolitan Division.
  • 1984 was the year the club fielded its first junior side largely due to the efforts of Kerry O’Neill and Greg Langridge


1993 tee ball – Liam Jessop

As we continue to celebrate our 40th birthday, stayed tuned for more stories from our archives.