Many of our junior players are preparing to take part in the Little League, Junior League and Senior League State Titles, the accompanying Div 2 tournament and the school boys competition over the next few weekends. Many of our senior players are planning to take part in SQWBL’s winter baseball competition. Best of luck to you all!
Behind the scenes, the Carina committee is working hard to make sure the 2018-19 summer season is the best it can be.
We are putting in place plans for pre-season training programs; encouraging junior participation in the Timberjacks program and making field upgrades an off-season priority.
All of these plans are exciting and should make for a great summer season.
We are looking for your help in this process. The best way to make it a great club to belong to is to add your skills and expertise to the mix. There are plenty of opportunities (both big and small) for you!
Here are some options:
 The committee meets regularly during the off-season and we would love to hear from you.