Your role as coach at Carina Redsox is an important one. To help you get started we have created this guide which aims to answer all of your initial questions. Please take the time to read through the information provided.

Field set up and maintenance

Coaches are responsible for the set up of the field prior to training and your game. This includes line marking if your team is playing on the main diamond at Zahel Street.

Coaches are responsible for packing up at the end of the training session and, if you are on the main diamond, raking the infield after every training session and game. This must be completed every time your team uses infield at the main diamond.

If your team is last at training, please ensure the lights are turned off, bases are returned to the on-field shed and any unclaimed gear is placed in the off-field shed.

These are simple tasks and they can be done quickly with the help of your team but they are critical in helping the club ensure everyone is able to access and use the field safely and to ensure there is gear available for all to use.

At the start of the season, the club will provide coaches (and their teams) with instructions on to care for the field. If, at any time, you are unsure of the process please let a committee member know and we can arrange for some guidance.

Batting cages

Teams are welcome to use the right field batting cages during their allocated training times. Use of the cages outside of those training days/times will depend upon other teams using those facilities.

Please note – there is a NO CLEAT policy when players and coaches are using the cages. No cleats – applies to both metal and molded cleats. Turf shoes only! No exceptions.

Club equipment

At the start of each season, coaches will be provided with basic equipment for use during the season. The equipment provided is to help supplement the equipment provided by player’s themselves.

You will be asked to sign out the equipment prior to your first team training session and will be asked to return the equipment after your team has played their last game for the season.

Under the new COVID-safe rules, the club will not provide helmets or bats to any senior team or any Little League, Junior League, Senior League or u20s Division 1 team. Basic equipment will be provided for teams with younger players but coaches will need to ensure their players follow the necessary COVID-safe practices.

Whilst we aim to give you the equipment you need for the season, unfortunately most equipment doesn’t last forever. However with the correct use, car and maintenance we hope to get the maximum protection and benefits from these resources. If at any stage, your team kitbag has equipment that needs replacing please email the committee and we will arrange a replacement piece.

Club equipment – baseballs

Balls for team training

You will be provided with a bucket of training balls at the time you collect your kitbag at the start of the season.

Balls for games

For Little League and older teams – you will be given an allocation of game balls to use throughout the season (you will be given two new games balls for each home game). Once used in games, these balls can be added to your team bucket of training balls.

Please understand that these are one of most significant costs to the club each season; it is a valuable bucket of balls!

Club equipment – umpire equipment

For teams that are required to provide qualified umpires (Little League and older teams), the club provides umpire equipment that can be borrowed for the team game. Please make sure your team umpire returns that equipment to the umpire room at the end of your game.