Senior Players Bat Regulation Changes

All senior players please be aware of Bat regulation changes from BQ and BA.

Major A, Major B and Pacific A will be wood bat leagues.
The bat shall be wood, wood composite or wood laminate only.

All Other Senior leagues including Masters.

All bats must clearly state their material makeup as printed by the manufacturer on the bat.

All Composite barrel bats must have a marking to state the bat meets the requirements of BBCOR.

All Alloy and Aluminium bats must be a max of -3 weight to length variation (Max length on all bats is 34inches)

Don’t rush out and buy cheap Alloy bats yet: As of March 2016 all Alloy and Aluminium bats must have BBCOR marking as per Composite bats.

This information is a brief from the entire document issued on the BQ website.