Our club is run by volunteers and one of the most critical volunteer roles is that of umpire. Each team needs to have a number of umpires to help across the season and each player/junior parent will be part of the umpire roster for their team. (The club is fined for each game it is unable to provide an accredited umpire.)

On-field practical course

The club is hosting a Level 0 umpire course on Tuesday evening (3 Oct) at the Main Diamond. This will be a practical course and is aimed at beginners (no previous umpiring experience needed).

All senior players and parents of junior players are strongly encouraged to attend Tuesday’s Level 0 umpire course.

Senior players note: There will be an umpiring roster for the season posted next Thursday night.

Online course

In addition to attending the practical course on Tuesday evening, all new umpires need to complete the Introductory Level Officiating General Principles from the Ausport site. 

Access the AIS Learning Portal

The completion of the online course is required by Baseball Australia. This can be done after the practical course if required but if not done then you will not be recognised as an accredited umpire.

The online course needs only to be completed as a once-off. The practical courses needs to be completed every 3 years.


Accredited Carina Leagues Redsox Umpires

Please click here to see the list of accredited umpires