Junior League is a developmental bridge between Little League and Senior League. The field size is still slightly reduced from the full size but the full rules apply, runners can “take leads”, but can also be “picked off”, “balks” are introduced.

Age (2020/2021 season)

Baseball uses a “baseball age” matrix to determine which age group applies. Players who have a baseball age of  12, 13 or 14 will play Junior League (the matrix makes this easy to determine).


Thursdays 5:15pm – 7:00pm.

Training will commence Thursday 2 September with first game likely to be Oct 6.


Saturday 10:15am or 12:30am start for a 2 hour game. Games are run by the GBL (in accordance with Baseball Queensland). Games are typically late Saturday morning or early Saturday afternoon. Team sizes are 9 on the field plus bench players; teams up to around 11 or 12.

The season usually consists of 9 to 10 Saturdays in School Term 4 with another 6 to 7 Saturdays in Term 1 after school returns from the Christmas break. There are no games or training during school holidays.

Equipment Required:

Junior Gameday Shirt, club cap, white baseball pants, glove, protective cup, sneakers, moulded or metal cleat shoes. Click here for more information about uniforms.

Game Volunteers:

Coach, Assistant Coach, Scorer (Skilled), Umpire (Qualified), Canteen


Teeball and rookieball teams are selected as evenly as possible.

Little League to U20 are selected on players’ ability. This will remain the responsibility of the Junior Vice President and coaching staff. Teams will consist of no more than 12 players.

If you have any questions about playing Junior baseball with the Carina Redsox, please feel free to contact our Junior Vice President .