Welcome back to training!

Due to COVID-19 there are a few important measures which everyone need to be aware of and abide by to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Please make sure you take the time to read the below information.

COVID 19 processes

In accordance with our covid-safe plan, we have put in place measures to ensure everyone’s safety. We ask for your patience, particularly in the first few weeks as we make sure the process is compliant with the covid-safe requirements.

We have created a designated area for the entry and exit to the baseball facilities. You are requested to enter our area from the gate next to the home dugout. Any player or spectator who wishes to enter the designated area must scan in (or fill out a COVID 19 register) – collecting details such as name, email etc. Please note this is not optional and is mandatory if you wish to enter the designated area. Spectators who wish to watch from the white seats near the field must also sign in. You may stay and view from outside the designated field zone without completing the COVID 19 register, but we ask that no matter where you spectate from that everyone maintains social distancing (1.5m) and appropriate hygiene such as hand washing or sanitising.

Please note, the upstairs grandstand area is currently closed.

On-Field Measures

We will implement measures on field to make sure that each player is safe. We will have designated entry and exit gates, which will be outlined and signed at the field. In addition, we will supply hand sanitiser and ask that you use the sanitiser when you arrive at the field, between training stations and when you exit the field. Additionally, we ask that physical distancing is adhered to where possible while on the field.


It is crucial that all players have their own equipment – glove, bat, batting helmet etc. There will be NO sharing of equipment.

Please also bring your own water bottle with enough water for the training session. We will not have the water bubbler available for use.

Should anyone begin to show any symptoms of COVID 19 they will be placed into an isolation area and (if needed) family or a friend will be called, they will remain in the isolation area until they are collected by family or friend.