Your role as coach at Carina Redsox is an important one. To help you get started we have created this guide which aims to answer all of your initial questions. Please take the time to read through the information provided.

It is a minimum expectation of all coaches that they respond to any communication they are included in. You need to provide a phone number and an email that you check on a regular basis so you are aware of any issues in the Club and can contribute accordingly. The minimum expectation is that when you receive something from any member of the Club, you reply and acknowledge the receipt, and then respond in further detail if required.

 Communication with Players (and Parents where applicable)

All communications with players (and parents where applicable) should be respectful and honest and reflect the way that you would like to be communicated with as a coach. Your expectations and standards should be clear and consistent so all players and parents understand your coaching philosophy, your decision making processes and the reasons any decisions, particularly around selections, have been made. Whilst there will be variation in particular game plans and strategies from one team to the next, it is reasonable for players to expect consistent messaging from all coaches across the board when it comes to skill models.

Coaches may choose to communicate specific information on travel, team rules, strategies etc with their team as a whole by their own preferred method. This could be through Facebook, email, text or GameChanger but regardless of the method chosen, please ensure all your players have access to that platform and are not excluded for any reason.



Communicating with the Committee

At various times during the season, coaches will be asked to provide an update to the committee about the progress of their team and any concerns they might have. At the end of the season, all coaches will asked to provide feedback on the season with any recommendations for the future. This communication helps the club to continue to improve the experience for coaches and players.

Communicating with other Coaches

It is a critical part of our Club structure that coaches communicate with each other in some form on a regular basis. We rarely get time to spend with each other face to face as junior and senior coaching groups. Regular contact is important to align skill and game philosophies, discuss player movement and identify strengths and weaknesses in the playing group as a whole, and in any individuals.