Scope of policy

This policy applies to club members and any individual engaged by Carina Leagues Redsox Baseball club (in any paid or unpaid capacity) including contractors, sub-contractors and volunteers.

The policy applies to the following, whether they are in a paid or unpaid/voluntary capacity:

  • Individuals sitting on boards, committees and sub-committees;
  • Employees and volunteers;
  • Coaches and assistant coaches and team managers;
  • Athletes and players;
  • Umpires and other officials;
  • Any other person or organisation that is a member of or affiliated to the Carina Leagues Redsox Baseball Club;
  • Parents, guardians, spectators and sponsors to the full extent that is possible.

This policy will continue to apply to a person even after they have stopped their association with our Club if disciplinary action, relating to an allegation of child abuse against that person has commenced.

Policy purpose

The purpose of this policy is:

  • To provide written processes about the appropriate conduct of staff and persons associated with the Carina Leagues Redsox Baseball club in accordance with legislation in Queensland relating to the care and protection ofchildren;
  • To promote and strive to provide a safe, supportive and ethical environment within the Carina Leagues Redsox Baseball club;
  • To provide a mandatory process for reporting and managing allegations within the Carina Leagues Redsox Baseball club, which is clear andconsistent;
  • To respond to allegations of abuse made under this Policy in a manner which is sensitive to the dignity, respect and confidentiality of all involved, including the alleged perpetrator;
  • To manage allegations in a fair and timely manner;
  • To provide a document which proclaims through a clear and complete explanation the attitudes and accepted accountabilities and responses of the Carina Leagues Redsox Baseball club in relation to abuse.
Policy Statement

Every person bound by this policy must always place the safety and welfare of children above all other considerations.

The Carina Leagues Redsox Baseball club acknowledges that our members and volunteers provide a valuable contribution to the positive experiences of our juniors. The aim of the Carina Leagues Redsox Baseball club is to ensure this continues and to protect the safety and welfare of its junior participants.

Several measures will be used to achieve this such as:

  • Prohibiting any form of abuse against children;
  • Providing opportunities for our juniors to contribute to and provide feedback on our program developments;
  • Carefully selecting and screening people, as per State legislation, whose role requires them to have regular contact with
  • Ensuring our code of conduct, particularly for roles associated with junior sport, are promoted, enforced and
  • Providing procedures for raising concerns or complaints.

Our club requires that any child who is abused or anyone who reasonably suspects that a child has been or is being abused by someone within the centre, to report it immediately to our Club President, and to the police or relevant government agency.

All allegations of child abuse will be dealt with promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially. A person will not be victimised for reporting an allegation of child abuse and the privacy of all persons concerned will be respected.

If anyone bound by this policy reasonably suspects that a child is being abused by his or her parent/s, they are advised to contact the relevant government department for youth, family and community services.

What is child abuse?

The Queensland Government Department of Child Safety, Youth and Woman provides information about child abuse 


Our club aims to provide an easy to use, confidential and trustworthy procedure for complaints based on the principles of natural justice. Any person may report a complaint (complainant) about a person/s or affiliated organisation bound by this policy if they reasonably believe that a person/s or an affiliated organisation has breached this policy. A complaint should be lodged with the Club President.

A complaint may be reported as an informal or formal complaint. The complainant decides whether the complaint will be dealt with informally or formally unless the Club President considers that the complaint falls outside the parameters of this policy and would be better dealt with in another way.

All complaints will be dealt with promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially.

It must be noted that allegations of a serious or criminal nature will be reported to the police or the Department of Child Safety.

Disciplinary measures

If a finding is made that an individual has breached this policy, one or more of the following forms of discipline may be imposed:

  • A direction that they make a verbal and/or written apology
  • A written warning
  • A withdrawal of any awards or achievements bestowed on them by the Club
  • A suspension of the individual’s membership or engagement in a role or activity
  • Recommendation to the Management Committee to terminate the individual’s membership or appointment
  • In the case of a coach or official, a direction that the relevant organisation de-register the accreditation of the coach or official for a time or permanently
  • Any other form of discipline the Club Management Committee considers appropriate.