Carina coaching philosophy

Your role as coach at Carina Redsox is an important one. To help you get started we have created this guide which aims to answer all of your initial questions. Please take the time to read through the information provided.

Our coaches are primarily responsible for player welfare and must ensure this is at the forefront of all decision making. After that, coaches are to prioritise Club first, then their team, then individuals when making decisions.

The aim at Carina Redsox is to provide opportunities for ALL players, and we have made distinctions in order for this to be possible. In the top divisions (Division 1 and 2 – seniors), our goal is to win so we make team decisions based on that goal. In all other teams (seniors and juniors), whilst we are still trying to win every match, player development is the priority.





Team Selection

In the first instance, players are to play in their nominated team. This is particularly important for our junior teams and our Division 3 – 6 senior teams as we aim to focus on player enjoyment and engagement with their team and the club. Team selection will be made at the start of the season and we expect very little player movement between these teams during the season.

For our Division 1 and 2 teams, the Club has a selection process for each round that will be communicated to players in that squad.

If any team has have less than the required players available, where practical another player should be given the opportunity to “play up”. Coaches must communicate any late changes to the Junior VP or Senior VP and other coaches as soon as possible if it impacts another team.

When considering team selection, it should align with the General Coaching Philosophy of the Club based on the level of the team.