Senior (Adult) Teams Umpire Roster

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General information

Any person umpiring a baseball game (Little League to Seniors) must hold a minimum Level 0 Umpires Accreditation.

The Queensland Baseball Umpires Association regularly runs accreditation programs for all our new umpires. A level 0 course takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

The QBUA typically also runs two Level 1 Umpire Seminars (1 day course) per year – usually in the September prior to season commencement.

Registration costs will be covered by Redsox. If you are interested please contact the Club President to secure your spot.


Accredited Umpires (current to 30.09.17)

(If you believe you have completed the umpire accreditation requirements and are not on the lists below please contact the club president)

Level 0 accredited
Accreditation expiry
De Loryn Sharon 15/10/17
Drabant Jeff 15/10/17
McEwan Elliot 15/10/17
McIver Craig 15/10/17
Natale Cladio 15/10/17
Preston David 15/10/17
Seongmin Hong (Mark) 15/10/17
Skepton Michael 15/10/17
Skepton Alexander 15/10/17
Steyne Phil 15/10/17


Aerenga Lar 22/11/19
Butler Mac 22/11/19
Gates Matthew 22/11/19
Gauci Luisa 22/11/19
Greig Kerri 25/10/19
Haylock Garry 22/11/19
Horner Kim 22/11/19
Hutchinson Craig 22/11/19
Kolodziet Richard 22/11/19
McMahon Neil 22/11/19
Meaney Jane 22/11/19
Metcalfe Chris 22/11/19
Redman Matt 22/11/19
Smythe Harrison 22/11/19
Smythe Scott 22/11/19
Strauch Steven 22/11/19


Level 1 accredited
Hartung Andrew 2/9/20
Asplet Chris 2/9/20
De Loryn Mark 14/9/18
Feenstra John 2/9/20
Fisk Tim 16/9/20
Roberts Craig 10/9/19