Each team is to have a competent scorer at every game.

Division 1 games need a Level 2 or hight accredited scorer; all other Divisions and Junior teams just need to make sure they have a scorer (not necessary to be Level 1 or above).

Scoring requirements/options

All scorers will be provided with scorebooks, rules and the relevant paperwork required. You can access the rules and game cards here.

In some circumstances, scorers may prefer to use the GameChanger (app) to score rather than the paper-based scorebook.

Scorer obligations after the game

The home team scorer shall ensure that:

  1. game cards are fully completed, accurate, and legible
  2. make sure umpires have allocated MVP points
  3. Umpires-in-Chief and Scorer must sign and print their name in the appropriate place on the card.
  4. Game cards are emailed by 6:00pm on the next business day following the game.

QBS Hint: All scorers should also sign scorebook of the other scorer, this means you agree with the result.

More info: QBS Score Box protocols

How do I gain accreditation?

Accreditation is achieved through the Queensland Baseball Scorers (QBS).

Accreditation happens after a candidate has attended a clinic/s, or if deemed to have enough experience without attending a clinic.  Level 0 is the entry point requiring very basic understanding of scoring, symbols and colours, difference between WP and PB, what constitutes a Sb# etc.  The QBS organise accreditations according to the amount of interest shown, and exams can be held at any time or place.  L1 has a written exam plus scoring a game.  L2 comes after L1!

There is usually a yearly clinic for Level 1 scorers and above in August/September. More details about rules can be found at www.qldbaseballscorers.com.